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What Can Be Done When Your Windshield Gets Dinged?

Windshield damage can occur for many reasons. Sometimes, a person will simply be driving down the road when a rock will pop up and ding their windshield. If the damage is not in the field of vision of the driver or is not larger than a fifty-cent piece, it can sometimes be repaired without the need for a full replacement. Cracks can also be repaired if they are less than a foot long and will not impair the vision of the driver.

When an owner seeks auto glass repair, they can have a mobile repair vehicle come to them or they can take their vehicle to a shop. The technician will first carefully examine the windshield damage to determine if it can be repaired or will need to be replaced. If the technician feels the damage can be repaired, they will begin to clean the area with a special cleaner that removes any debris or dirt so the repair can be carried out properly.

To repair a ding or crack, the technician will pipe acrylic epoxy into the damaged area, making sure it goes slowly and all air bubbles are removed as much as possible. This is crucial for ensuring the repair will look as seamless as possible. The technician will use special tools to smooth the area and then will allow the repair to cure so it fully bonds with the glass. The windshield will need to cure for a specific period of time before the vehicle can be driven again.

It is important a person checks with their insurance company to determine whether or not their policy covers the damage. Even if a policy covers windshield damage, it may not fully cover the entire bill. Some individuals will be required to pay their deductible before the policy will kick in and cover the rest.

If your windshield has been damaged, it is important you seek repairs right away. Waiting too long can prevent the option for repair because the damaged area becomes corrupted. Prompt repairs will prevent cracks and dings from spreading and becoming larger. Call right away so your repairs can be carried out.